MQA Quarterly Performance Report 3

Q3 • Quarterly Performance Report 2021-22 9 64% of the 77 Emergency Orders issued during the fourth quarter were Emergency Suspension Orders, whereas 36% were Emergency Restriction Orders. After final orders are imposed, CMU works with licensees to ensure compliance with applicable terms and penalties. During the fourth quarter, 224 final orders were imposed and, of the $409,139.54 fines and costs imposed by final orders, 98% or $401,179.82 were collected. The majority of active cases that remain are located in CSU at 9,219 active cases, followed by CMU at 5,393, PSU at 4,217, and ISU at 685. Enforcement Data The Consumer Services Unit (CSU), Investigative Services Unit (ISU), and Compliance Management Unit (CMU) investigate complaints involving regulated health care practitioners. Together, these units comprise the Bureau of Enforcement, which collaborates with the Prosecution Services Unit (PSU) to enforce appropriate Florida Statutes, rules, and laws. CSU investigators and analysts identify, analyze, monitor, and centralize all complaints. During the fourth quarter, CSU received 12,500 complaints alleging the improper practice of a health care profession or the operation of establishments without an appropriate license. Of those complaints, 1,441 were deemed legally sufficient. PSU attorneys litigate disciplinary cases on behalf of the health care regulatory boards and councils by reviewing investigations, drafting Emergency Orders, and providing boards and councils with disciplinary recommendations. Emergency action is imposed for violations that pose an immediate and severe threat to the public, per Section 456.074, Florida Statutes. Figure 5.1: Enforcement Process Explained Complaints Received Analysis Legally Non-Sufficient Investigation Disputed Citation Issued Attorney Review Election of Rights Final Order Imposing Discipline Filed Probable Cause Review Non-Disputed Final Order Referral Complaint Closed Informal Board Hearing (No Dispute) Appeal Procedures Compliance Monitoring Board Hearing Waived (No Dispute) DOAH Hearing Settlement for Board Approval Dismissal (No Probable Cause) Probable Cause Prosecution Administrative Complaint Filed Full Board Action and Deposition Emergency Action Mediation