MQA Quarterly Performance Report 3

From conducting public outreach and complex investigations to issuing cease-and-desist orders, the Unlicensed Activity (ULA) program aims to educate and protect Florida residents and visitors against the potentially serious and dangerous consequences of receiving medical and health care services from an unlicensed person. The ULA program relies on its partnerships with law enforcement agencies and the state attorney’s offices to prosecute those who practice without a license. In many instances, unlicensed activity is a felony-level criminal offense per Section 456.065, Florida Statutes. More importantly, receiving health care from unlicensed people is dangerous and could result in further injury, disease, or even death. MQA continues to track the number of cease-and-desist orders against unlicensed persons to assess the impact of its enforcement processes (Figure 6.1). When practitioners pay their licensing fees, five dollars is designated specifically for the enforcement of unlicensed activity. FIGURE 6.1 ULA - Orders to Cease and Desist Q3 • Quarterly Performance Report 2021-22 11 Unlicensed Activity EXPLAINER: What is Unlicensed Activity? Unlicensed activity is considered the unlicensed practice of a health care profession or the performance or delivery of a medical or health care service to patients without a valid, active license to practice, regardless of the means of the performance or delivery of such services. Consumers are encouraged to verify the license of their health care provider by utilizing the www.FLHealthSource. gov/ula website, or calling 1-877-HALT-ULA, to speak directly with an investigator in the Consumer Services Unit. Tips of suspicious or potential unlicensed activity may be emailed to 80 60 40 20 100 120 160 180 200 140 Number of Orders FY 2016-17 FY 2017-18 FY 2018-19 FY 2019-20 FY 2021-22 118 FY 2020-21 162 102 101 55 35 40 131 125 162 119 156 164 146 120 179 146 118 172 110 138 136 0.0 Data source: MQA Licensing and Enforcement Information Database System (LEIDS). 155 Quarter One Quarter Two Quarter Three Quarter Four