MQA Quarterly Performance Report 3

Q3 • Quarterly Performance Report 2021-22 13 Emergency Action An action taken by the State Surgeon General to suspend or restrict the ability to practice when a licensed health care practitioner poses an immediate and serious threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) An order issued by the Florida Department of Health suspending the license of a practitioner. A practitioner may not practice in the state of Florida while under an emergency suspension order. Emergency Restriction Order (ERO) An order issued by the Florida Department of Health restricting the practice of a practitioner in the state of Florida under conditions specified by the Department. Final Order An order of a regulatory board or the Department of Health outlining the finding of facts, and penalties in a disciplinary case against a licensee. The administrative complaint outlining the charges against the licensee is attached and becomes part of the final order when it is filed with the agency clerk. Investigations Completed Investigations are initiated when a complaint is considered legally sufficient. All completed investigations are presented to the Prosecution Services Unit with an Investigative Report and all documents related to the complaint. Legally Sufficient Complaints that, if found to be true, show a potential violation of Florida Statutes or Rules. LEIDS Licensing and Enforcement Information Database System. MQA’s licensure and enforcement database. MQA Trust Fund Unlicensed Activity Fee A five dollar fee collected at initial and renewal licensing that funds the investigation and enforcement of unlicensed activities, according to Florida law. Probable Cause A determination that there is a reasonable basis to suspect that a person has violated or is violating the law. Qualified Applicant A qualified applicant has met all requirements to become licensed and could essentially be licensed on the day they become qualified. This is different from an approved applicant who may still have to pass an examination or meet an additional requirement outside of having their application approved. Unlicensed Activity (ULA) Potentially dangerous activity by an unauthorized person that could cause injury, disease, or death. Glossary