MQA Quarterly Performance Report 3

Q3 • Quarterly Performance Report 2021-22 4 It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Quarterly Performance Report for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021-2022. This report includes information on key performance measures for the Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) and highlights recent improvement initiatives and available consumer information. As the economy continues to grow, Florida has become the privileged home to an increased health care workforce. To help sustain this growth, MQA strives to uphold Florida’s public health legacy by pursuing excellence and leading quality health care regulation. We pride ourselves on delivering customercentered services that expedite licenses and inspections so health care practitioners can get to work. This quarter, MQA demonstrated our commitment to applicants, consumers, and health care practitioners through various improvement initiatives ranging from leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimizing our contract management strategy. Through initiatives like those outlined below, MQA strives to become the leader in health care quality regulation and make Florida the healthiest state in the nation. Within the pages of this publication, readers will catch a glimpse of the key processes and additional initiatives completed by staff who embody our core values each day to deliver accessible, timely, and accurate services and information to health care practitioners, licensure applicants, and consumers. Sincerely Jennifer L. Wenhold, MSW, CPM • In February, MQA modeled a new way of doing business by expanding the Artificial Intelligence solution, ELI. Our Enforcement, Licensure, and Information chatbot, ELI, is the best way to learn about licensure requirements, initial application status, renewal requirements, fees, address updates, background screening processes, and public record requests. As a result of this expansion, customers can now interact with ELI by phone or web to receive information specific to them, including their application status. • In March, the Board of Nursing led the charge to speed up the initial licensure process by hosting their first-ever odd month conference call virtually between regularly scheduled in-person Board meetings. As a result, the review and approval of 50 credential files were expedited, meaning that 50 nurses could enter the Florida workforce one month sooner than previously subjected. • The Bureau of Operations secured a three-year contract in March to continue audio and visual (A/V) services at regulatory board meetings, per Section 456.004(7), Florida Statutes. This opportunity saves the Meeting Planning Team time and money, rather than soliciting A/V services for regulatory board meetings every few months. Letter From the Director Executive Summary MQA contributes to the mission of the Department by licensing health care practitioners who meet statutory standards, enforcing laws and rules governing health care practitioners, and providing information to assist the public in making informed health care decisions. The Quarterly Performance Report, required by Section 456.025(9), Florida Statutes, serves as a road map for accomplishing the mission and includes information on revenue and expenditures and performance measures. Additionally, Section 456.065(3), Florida Statutes, requires the inclusion of all financial and statistical data resulting from unlicensed activity enforcement.